Posted by: SPT | April 20, 2010

Jelly Jams

Ooh Ooh Ooh — I’m lyrically content spilling on the internet.  Use it like a peanut butter spread to your jelly jams.

I carry this on me like it’s unnecessary baggage.  I feel the need to get rid of it, chuck it on some corner.  But instead, I use it to fuel me.  Just breathing the air lights me up, whether or not the feeling sits on my lips.  I feel like traveling, goin through countrysides and city-wide rides that slow down each light, but I’ll always seek out the path that is unobstructed.  I want a view that goes on to every blue ocean, to shine so light that I can see right through its transparency.  And when I have clarity I will sit down. Tetris-izing, just trying to fit all the loose pieces in the puzzle.  It’s unnecessary like the knots that keep me tied down, but I’m not ready yet to sail.  I just feel like floating on clouds.

Able to connect but still far from sight, the image runs deeper than anything I could ever see.


Brushing past lives, I sit idle on the side.  The breeze I feel carries life with each gust, but I’m disgusted.  So connected, how is it I feel far.  My sense tells me Braille, but I can’t feel the raise each concrete step takes.  As if I were only hopscotching, in a direction that doesn’t exist, I rolled around in a spin so still I sit.  I can’t break into the bank of lies that fit snug, too intertwined with life, so I look away.  My usual senses pull me in, but senseless I feel and dont think.  Staying around I pollinate fate, proceeding with the motions.  Hiding from the reality blur, I creep around like super late, delayed, waiting for the rain to pass and settle.  And when the fog drops, so shall I, without a trace. The tracks from the rail haven’t faded, but at each interval they sink enough to make a loud enough clink.  So I listen to the surrounding that creeps away from me.


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