Posted by: SPT | May 19, 2010

Shine on

Trying to persuade myself that this day to day thing is just part of it, I move through the motions and arguments. Priority misplaced, expressing myself through vocabulary terms that limit each word, I taste life and think it’s bittersweet. Chocolate roses with a thorny after bite, I convince myself that this momentary halt is a pause, and nothing more. A sudden jerk and people spill their fears, incapable of dissolving the dissipated worries of a few million tears. Incapable of feeling the immediate surrounding, numb thoughts revolve at the entrance to my brain..

but then I’m reminded that even a sour taste has a polar opposite. An acronym for the worsts, and synonym for the best, this life continues at a pace we pick. Motivated by good, I love and continue to live under the sun.


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