Posted by: SPT | May 31, 2010

I Heard ’em Say

void of character i disguise my spirit to blend, but inside i cant stand
i want to break free, but unable i cant see
i have this path this future at last
and i want to reach, but knee deep i stand in silt
don’t look but believe in what i must see
believe in me, i know but can’t see
i have to blend my dreams with reality,
until i can battle the front like a hurricane before the collision of warm and cold.
i understand the sea and all that exists but still i focus on the visuals
soon enough ill meld it into the living truth and
through this i know, i have the sight to explain every worry
the right to keep fighting strong and to live long
but with each stutter i continue to disgrace myself
it goes so much deeper than just what’s heard, but some people
are just unable to listen and be witness to the moral.
sometimes what needs to be said just isn’t

so we’re given the tongues to communicate, but vocal chords seem to influence
quality bows its authority to a figure that may be loud, but only in appearance

through each word the ripples flow deep, the effect on the surface is visible, but underneath it’s well kept.  within each crest lies at best the true meaning of what we consider evil. the power to overcome something that rustles below the surface, to go beyond and stay above. despite who listens


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