Posted by: SPT | June 1, 2010

Starry Night

if a star fades into a black hole, whats to happen to my faded soul
if im not a star in my own world than i have no role
but more than just shine, i’d really like to know if i hit the pole
photosynthesis with my words, absorbing my flow
so that it could grow and continue to live on through
will i also have a gravitational pull?
a volume of strength to continue?

reincarnating these feelings i feel like my ancestors
past lives and concurrent strides, separated by time
but we’re still living with each other’s mind
adding on to the universal progress
moving, even if we can’t see, with each other
eternity has no limit, but just like it i stand without
understanding of where this journey travels

or will I dissappear into the night, spread out
blinded and unaware of the reasons that power
the energy that continues
i don’t want to die like a flower wilts with cold nights
much rather i’d decompose


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