Posted by: SPT | June 18, 2010

“The cycle is changing me”

Is there something I want to accomplish? Something I want? Accomplish or not, I continue the line until
Enter, I run. Changing the front
And again here I go, it’s just too easy
Will I just play, throw a quarter through, inspired by our materialistic world?
So I can take claim, for my lyrics are my own, that I am inspired by this Earth

I wonder if I can go off the grid. Like my friends, can I split up lines and disassociate each trip?
Each flip, everything that I sip
Starting from scratch I feel the letters spilling.

Overflowing already, I just begun my flow, spitting saliva as if I’m truly alone.
I’m just tired so I continue to set reminders.
Soon I must wake up, just as I have grown up.
Why confuse myself with each word when there are so many unknowns.

This world is full of strangers and jokes,
I understand this is Jack&Coke, but the taste runs afloat.
Why claim it, recreate it, hype it up to fame status
As if they actually made it.

Phrases come and go, but I only type some. But never stop, you can call me Sun.
I shine on, but others claim the light. I feel that the truth still exists, even if it sits in the shade.
Washing my hands of the stink that follows,
I swallow my pride and accept that I, like the moon,

never stop

I just pause

and then keep on. Watching each step take time, I feel I’m time traveling. But
As my watch dies, the battery inside, I know that I’m only watching it go.
I’m traveling, but never alone. With each change, comes a new energy flow.

Amongst others, I can only change my line
Instead of spilling I’ll call it watering. And the roots, i’ll nourish.
Because the beauty is rotting, from inside out. We have to recreate it, hype it up to fame status
But before it’s done, admit we never made it. If I can do that, I’ll feel accomplished.


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