Posted by: SPT | July 7, 2010

“Maggot Brain is a state-of-mind”

Now with this requiem, I begin
A bit late with the request, I didn’t understand
Its prowess begins with a simple rhyme, but pause
Like big bears just stood up
Intimidation settling in, so I take the slow step
Life is a powerful mystery, with its kind blows
And harsh tones that provide silver lining
More than what’s said is
What’s done, action is superior
But in the end, the clock is our biggest fear
The inability to count the seconds of our lives,
At first it seemed overwhelming but now, death knocks at my feet
He said he was a bit early and I was about to see fate,
See my life flash right before my eyes
But instead I escaped out the back, I brought myself more time
I used my vision to create a world that I know I could save
Only, problem, the time still follows me.
It ticks so violently.
Even when its dead, I know He exists.
I began this night
With a gentle brush, my usual stuff.  I only faded through the wind, Natural erosion.
Survivor of this world, with lines and folds
To remind me of my position.  But it still comes to this.
It comes down to me and the fish, the water and the spirits, the world and all of its black space.
How is it I am able to write on the computer
Without fear, why is it that I exist and watch the world cup
Can I forget?  I should be more awake,
I should be fighting and instead, I put my feet up and
Sigh.  I feel like a traitor, as if I was the star debator
And instead, I decided to not speak.
If I have this ability,
Mylegs and feet, my arms and hands and ability to see,
No wonder death tried scaring me.  I have to be wiser and take part
Take ownership of my heart
And my mind and my beliefs, I have to stand up to the lives
That surround me, afraid I cant be
For this ride is much more than me,
I focus instead on the path convinced
This is my bout.  My morning bike delivery route.
But a bit altered for I chose not the concrete,
I pick a medium that surrounds me,
My words upon a beat.
If I only understood half of what i did,
I wouldnt be in this mess.  But life is such,
It facilitates cleanliness.
I am not the neatest person on the block,
But I come clean.  I let this vision rot
Within me, but never to waste, I feed off its plate
And absorb each word as if the sunlight never made it
To me.  Synthesizing is beyond our means, but I am right,
We must decompose ourselves
Before we leave this world, we must insert
Our influence, our verbs and actions,
Surround our people with the right tactics.
And if life still hovers, if the universe continues to expand,
If my delete button is still hesitant, I continue without a second glance
Because I know this life is not mine,
I simply exist.
Perhaps in a different time than others,
Funkadelic Maggot Brain
An entire world collaborating
From the interior of my physical brain

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