Posted by: SPT | July 25, 2010


I say my vision is endless.

I haven’t improved my eyesight, that’s for sure, but I gave up on foresight and saw much more.  The nights where I can’t focus on the thoughts I’d like, I’m interrupted by a powerful light.  This form of writing is still new to me, so I experiment and put it into words.  And hopefully, as I’ve been lucky so far, it’ll continue to give me insight into my own life, and much much more.

Here’s a random, motivated by tonight:

It’s true, I’d rather stay awake thinking about you
It’s intoxicating, too
Like a set of drinks way past BAC recommends,
But feeling tipsy is the way I go.
As you ship off on the stars,
I sit idle like the full moon, shining bright
I may take over the sky, but it’s your twinkle in my eye
Bobby ray on the speaker, I feel invincible to your force
But as my head rests, my pillow woes increase
So I count sheep
Just when I thought I was safe, you invade again.
My weak skin so thin it was damaged from within,
I feel the sway of the dark hovering behind
like shadows creeping with high noon.
I continue to apologize through movement and light,
brightness and contrast, comparing to my last
I feel ill-fitted like my latest hat
No matter how custom it gets, the decision is still
of importance
But it was through your soft touch and kind blow
Because I could not feel before
The damage I can cause
To others in our world
It’s a simple truth you came to prove
That I control
Not only my life, but even i
Am controlled.

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