Posted by: SPT | July 28, 2010


Is there a difference between your intentions and your actions?   I’d like to think so.   But to really understand it, I would have to break it down for myself.   So let’s breakdance..

My mind is where it starts. Surely there lies the problem and solution. I realize that I have two distinct layers within myself. The inner voice, which I’ll refer to as my subconscious, and an outer voice, which I’ll refer to as my conscious. They operate hand-in-hand, but separate.

But the mind cannot be alone. Everyone has a mind, but they do with it what they choose. So I consider my soul, or whatever modern word we slang, the true source of my actions. My ethical understanding of life and the basis for each decision I make, this soul is affected by the lessons I decide to keep with me.

Actions will be defined as the decisions I make. Therefore, my actions should be grounded within my soul, only flowering once I’ve made a motor response. Although they sprout from the groundwork I have laid, I ask myself why they are not always identical. Could it be that, despite my intentions, my actions are independent?

If the conscious and subconscious can act simultaneously, but separate, then it’s possible that intentions and actions cooperate similarly. But to make a direct comparison would be comparing an apple to an orange. So I word it differently.

My conscious is the part of my mind making the decisions: “Should I, or should I not?” But it does not operate alone. I can only believe that my subconscious, the fertile ground upon which I plant my ethics, is the source. I catch myself having a conversation between my conscious and my subconscious, thus allowing me to see them as separate. I reason and articulate consciously, but once I’ve made a decision, it becomes concrete. Once hardened, the conscious no longer holds it captive. My subconscious, aware of the transformation, accepts my new belief and I adjust my behavior accordingly.

So, in a format we’re familiar to in high-school, subconscious:intentions::conscious:actions. I may form decisions using my conscious actions, but they are rooted within my subconscious intentions.

Hrm. So what does this mean?   What can I take away from this [for my subconscious, of course]?

As I grow older, I must decide what information I choose to absorb. My conscious will actively debate each action I make, but I must always be aware of the passive subconscious debate as well. My subconscious, or my soul, exists within me, allowing me to stay grounded to my beliefs, but unfortunately..

There’s a definite difference between intentions and actions, even though both are dependent on each other. Regardless of what intentions I might have, my actions are the only representative of my soul.


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