Posted by: SPT | August 14, 2010

Net neutrality my butt

All the big guys in the game are running towards to the Internet, trying to buy up whatever “share” they can. They’ve always seen the world as one sum resource, allowing them to mislabel their ruthless actions using natural instinct as their cover-up. But now that the resource is infinite, they are scared and unsure of what to do.

I see the future, more than they do at least. It’s not corporations controlling the major resources as we’ve seen happen in the past, but a step away from centuries-old maneuvers that empower the minority while causing pain and suffering to the majority. It’s a move towards organizations that live as ethically as they breathe; a move towards businesses that practice kind words instead of advertising them.

The internet, as all the big guys in the game see it, is another resource. But it’s more democratically shaped than we’ve given it credit. For once, innovative users are the CEOs and the mom&pop sites can easily overtake the corporations. Without the overhead that our current market forces upon entreprenuers, a fertile groundwork has been laid. Upon this fertile ground, we have the ability to spawn new ideas fresh with justice and equality.

As it comes down to it, we have the ability to create new resources. The guiding principle behind these ideas or creations will be the deciding factor for which new inventions prove to resourceful.

Take these giants in our current internet schema and look to them for tips, for they are the first generation models of what this resource can yield. Both a source of income and a tool ripe in innovation, the potential is unlimited. But the true test of resilience will be their ability to assess their own resource, and therefore create its market value.  Any shortcoming in recognizing the resource’s potential and the resource will be lost, along with its democratic freedom.


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