Posted by: SPT | August 15, 2010


It’s the things that I fear that control me. I’d rather not let that be. My case is of another poor soul lost in this world. I crave to understand and to feel more than a chance, so I continue to walk down this path. Seeking to reunite myself, I find the necessary adhesive to make it stay. But unaware of the violent streak that exists around me, I struggle. I can’t hide from the obvious reasons, the obvious fouls that I consider treason, so instead I seek more.

Why is it that the life I seek evades me? I have the ability. But instead of controlling my actions, my thoughts are invading. With a goldeneye mission and heat-seeking missiles, I regulate the temperature that guides my signs. Should I stay hot, or remain cool? Why is it that I get emotional? Should I stay on path or divert my track? Why is it that I can’t see finish?

Enjoying life is a complicated task, because my mental state is spiking fast. With alcohol infused moments that don’t last, I still parade around the streets as if New Years Eve was about to pass. But when the morning sun rises and I have no eyes, because to see such beauty would require a set, I look past the obvious beauties. Focused on deeper hints that subside within, I let myself loose until once again I can use my vision.


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