Posted by: SPT | September 13, 2010

Take-home Test

Pouring out my heart into every thought,
I disgust myself with how easily I get taught
The lessons of life that most spend time to obtain.
Have I sinned or done wrong by the things I learned?
Or is my fate already determined, so I live but a role?
The pains and heartaches overwhelm my soul.

I understood the concept of good and bad,
Ever since it’s been brought to my bed.
But controlling each action for the line
Putting my ethical stamp on time
I only want to feel good and overlook missed rhymes.
Mismatched sighs with glances to her eyes
This poetry is all I can give,
Without losing my mind.

Sacrifices made to test every asset of my goal,
Whether or not I achieve remains my future’s toll.
To give up my heart and forlorn,
Or to fight back and win her over,
Was a decision I could not
Bare to ignore.

Sacrifices made, for what I ask?
Only to be good, I keep a smile
Even though my mind can’t pass
The simplest task.


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