Posted by: SPT | September 28, 2010

Clipped Wings

I fell for you. You tripped my heart and I fell through. The hole in the ground, a black hole, portal to your soul. I peeked, and saw a different world. It held me contained and I began to think.

Is this world really much better, or am I just on a roundtrip journey?

You took my heart on lease, left me bruised underneath, the rough ride you took it on tested my shocks. Not for long. Instead of a rock, you hit me in the right spot. Damage control is what repairing means, but fluid emotions spill and leave a scene. Climate wrong, I feel a jet-lag induced breeze.

Distressed over syllables, love is just one, but the rest come. To my mind, they are one sum emotion fighting over a lost one. It’s a constant struggle to define what I thought was my role. I feel puzzled like the puzzle is yet to be wholly-shown.

But traveling on, the world keeps nourishing.

My gaping hole, she left it anything but whole and that’s my cold, I’m ready to give up flow. I’m ready to retire, to stop myself, I’m no liar. But I am confused, I roll through thinking each puff I take is only the beginning of the movie take. But a few reels later, I still record my life as if I kept tape when there’s no reason, at this pace, to reminisce. Why bother going for her, if she’s on her own, when you were with her all along. Feeling herself, she chose to miss me, and I’ll miss her with the path that I take.

“I’m still fly. I’m sky high, and I dare anybody to try n cut my wings.”


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