Posted by: SPT | September 29, 2010


I like you, but like is overused. Like the similes that trouble our youth, whether it’s rap songs and their message too dilute, or the simple sunset and its ubiquitous use, no longer will I use the word like, for it’s already been used.

But I can’t say love. That word is stronger than the clouds above. Its rain, its sleet, and the world underneath is not yet ready. Love is a message with far too many meanings, so it needs clarification–but clarifying upon clarifying and we end up disengaging the truth from its sugarcoated suit. Broken down, love is just another communication tool.

Words, however, are its root. With its fingers spread and convolute, love is like a tree. There I go, using both words, and yet I still seem to lack a verb. It is what it is, no matter how thin, two simple letters and this poem does begin.

I is you. Worry not, for it may not make sense… but to a few.


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