Posted by: SPT | October 2, 2010

Basking like a King

Purpose driven, I stay seated. Perhaps this notion is perceived as my action, but it is only a thought. I examine the array of activities that have permitted me to exist, but I could not play musical chairs or tempt my fate. To not stay seated would be a mistake.

Surprised and confused, I remained motionless and caught a breeze. My mind, floating with the wind, began to drift. As I moved forward, I realized that my body is not missed. I am much more than this momentary bliss. I have it within me to let myself be part of the greater abyss that we still don’t understand, forget hit or miss, we’ve been sinking since the iceburg welcomed the Titanic. Instead of giving up the grip and steering, I hold the reigns and control direction. Still seated, I move forward on my chariot–motionless, but I speak, and my arms guide the beat.

Lost on the path, I choose the less traveled. What difference it made, I know along with a couple others, but the challenges have been mine to keep. I share, no doubt, but walking with such a burden on our shoulders has proven to be a chip. Instead of carrying around such a boulder, head high, I chain the rock onto my feet, and motionless, I drag it everywhere with me.

Chisel and stone, I could continue to chip away. My life and its woes, the burdens and victories that have sweeped my emotions off their feet, they sit sedimentary. Indian-style with the knees folded beneath, my actions have yet to be seen. The passion is awake, but motionless, it stirs itself cold.

Hark, though, the sun shines light. Another example of how I could persist, as my body permits, through only nourishment of my soul. I seek to replicate the Sun, to replicate God through each one of my sons, to repaint the landscape unto which I was born. Why keep absorbing Vitamin D from the resold waste that we try to escape, when the sun, every year since we were born, sheds its light. Why let others, or myself, be witness to vitamin supplements when we’ve seen far greater sights. Given the means, we are able to digest simply by being present. Instead of orally, we are morally told to give up our time on a silver platter. Instead of gold, they ask us to use our time for money and other materialistic words.

But seated, I am keen. My thoughts play with their obscene, out of this world scheme. And I am witness, as I feel the heat of the Sun, that there must be God in every one. Perhaps His counter-part plays a stronger role in many hearts, but I will not concede that he has won. Not now, not with my Sun. I know I’m not yet done.



  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!! If you can find a way to optimize our day, I’m in!

    • Shoot me an e-mail if you can! shashmundar at gmail dot com

  2. very poetic…you sound like a preacher!

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