Posted by: SPT | October 5, 2010

Polarized Ray-Bans

I walk into the room and glances shoot over. Pistol approach, I draw my eyes and meet theirs. Unaware of the situation I waltzed into, I tango with the audience and graze. I introduce myself, abrupt but efficient, and my impression is pressed. My voice, deep but not intimidating, carries with it a presence.

Darth vadar force, I witness the darker senses and a glare. Using polarized lights, as they are my powers, I sense I am unaware of the black matter that separates our layers. With all eyes on me, I clear my throat.. and speak:

My heart, even in its strongest moments, is broken down to its parts. What would my heart do, I ponder, if it had no escape vessel? I’m only contemplating its plight, whether it would decrease pressure, or rise. Hassles aside, I know I’d feel a sudden spike. My body, a cocoon to my inner parts, could not control its insides.

Was my heart not built for multiple tries? Is its purpose only to keep me alive, or does it truly embody our soul? Do I have the same role, emotional, or am I now purely physical?

Life plays its acts out during my reign, but as my clouds gather for a storm, I realize the inclement weather is another front. Perhaps it’s an interaction of two fronts, instead of one, but their introduction rains down upon us.

Head lowered to mock my spirit, I feign the right to use an umbrella on sight. But instead, when the rain begins, I look upward despite my limited vision. I let the clouds drip their IV over me, in case my heart falters. If my heart cannot feel what this world means to me, I will pretend to know its role as I live disconnected and lone.

My heart, the living me, needs its entirety. And just as the heart does, I need a safety. Perhaps it is meant to be my escape, as I was for He.



  1. Interesting read. I love your thoughts. A deep thinker you are. I think we are on the same side of the page.

    Nice to meet you, Cheers!

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