Posted by: SPT | November 11, 2010

Hebb’s Rule

Unbelievable, I tell myself
How is it another day passed, the hours
So heavy at first, they seemed to never amass
But the sun set, just as predicted,
and the Moon rose over my skies
How could I tell myself this was part of my life,
to simply be an observer of fate

Speaking from my heart, not speaking a rhyme
I fade with the colors each day, shine
Like the stars at night, bright for all to see
A poetic expression across our visual lines
Imbedded and connected, I feel the actions
Around me, effect to my cause
But the sunrise with no shades
Catches me off guard, vulnerable

Another repeat move, repetition is positive
But what purpose does mastering this world
Serve in my larger purpose, role-play
And acts of kindness,
So the show proceeds with scenes of
Deceiving environmental impact,
I pull the curtain, behind-scenes mode
Let this story construct its words

As I watch the time,
I see myself watching mine
Slip away from a grip
Too lost in self-reflection
To see beyond.


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