Posted by: SPT | November 11, 2010

Silent Works

Yellow legal pads enjoy my presence,
But without a catch
They seem deceivingly open
Ready to attach
My words come flowing,
At a pace, a current
But as I let go, I think of their belated role.

Trapped in a frame,
I picture this moment.
I understand my pains,
But don’t prescribe to their woes.
Even if I fail, according to these texts,
I find myself drowning in the money abyss.

Jobless and unemployed, our society suffers
But the resources plenty, we hide from one another
Abundant fear and scarce hope,
Those who subside, blame their internal flaws
Or external issues
Causing self-inflicted stains

But in the light of the night
Aside from the loud voices
Softer tones give our knowns a lively voice
Inside we hurt ourselves and others
But this emotion is controlled
Even if we haven’t exercised it yet,
We own its muscles


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