Posted by: SPT | November 22, 2010

Presence of Mind

Why do words seem like they’re my only source
Solace is a feeling that should rise
from inside, not from external prize
Or restitution for some fight

Having heard their tunes and beats,
I find myself incapable of short feats
Burst into an explosion,
they ask where did the explosion start

At what point do you give up trying to do
To be somebody else you couldn’t compete with
What moment did I wake up and realize
My own eyes are what I see with

I wish the world could see
I exist as part of one, more than just me
For this body is a representation of the person I am
but simply being my agent isnt enough

The skin is just another layer
as are the thoughts underneath

Nuerons firing, but lit up, I set fire
Perhaps my opinion of this world
is too esteemed, I ask for more
And discontent, I get a lump of coal.


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