Posted by: SPT | June 21, 2011

A Mouthful

I’ve got food to eat, but I’m not hungry.
How is this world so full of money?
People getting greedy, won’t bother for change;
All they care about is winning and fame.
We see each other hurt and in need,
But vision lost, we look obscene.

I have food waiting on me; it’s getting cold.
But my stomach’s unsettled, and this feeling is old.
Morsels awaiting for my teeth to bite, but
I’m not the only hungry person that is alive.

Clawing at my mind, leaving scrapes of food behind,
I struggle to create an open-mind.

Devour and be nourished,
Perhaps that’s the lesson?

But I can’t consume anymore.


And how can I?  I’ve been digesting and digesting, but now I’ve hit a stagnant point.  With no filter, I’ve let too much distract me, and I’ve detracted from the focus I once had.  I need to be aware of what lessons I’ve allowed myself to absorb.


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