Posted by: SPT | July 26, 2011

Plunder Wonder

What’s wrong with us, I wonder?

We co-exist, and as if that wasn’t enough, there isn’t another lifeform within lightyears. We continue to search for other life in the Universe, in an attempt to not feel alone, but look at us! Look at the human race altogether, and you’ll see why I’m so confused. We co-exist, yet we act like we’re alone.

I grew up into a capitalistic environment, and I plan to make use of it. But I don’t just want to make money from it: no. I want to improve it, and morph it into the great-society-building-machine it can become. For if we look at it now, and try to assess its weaknesses, we see how vulnerable it is. But there’s hope, because it doesn’t only have weaknesses; there’s hope because it has created hope itself.

We need to evaluate our lives and examine what type of impact we have and what type of impact we want to have. There are very few sectors of humanity left that haven’t already been overrun by the wealthy, and I think we should sieze these as opportunities before it’s lost.

Agriculture is run by so few, but yet man-handled by so many. The farmers that created society, as we look into our history and discover what kept us alive all these years, should be treasured and revered. Their plights shouldn’t be theirs alone, but a flight in which we all plunder. We eat their hard-work, but flee when they’re in peril? What nonsense is that!

No, I dare to dream. I see a society in which we all prosper with each others accomplishments. Where we travel with each other, into the future, rather than into the darkness. I see a future where we aren’t distracted by the materialism that is promoted by our fortunes.

My future is a community-supported network of businesses. And it starts with one. Because if nobody else is willing, than I will stand up. We need to find a way to co-exist again, and quit this segregation trend.

This is my ode, perhaps to the beginning of something new, that I will not give up without trying. “At least fail, before having given up.” Because it’s not just about me, and that’s what I’ve been trying to live for all along. I want to start a farming trend where we support those that support us. The impact of tragedy is far lighter on the shoulders of many than on the shoulders of a few.


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