Posted by: SPT | September 12, 2011

Is It Allowed?

I wonder aloud, loud enough only for me to hear
How and why is this happening, and why over here

I just settled back down,
still so confused
Not quite sure of what to do

I felt pressed by fate, as if I was aboard
But bored of the pace, I shipped off

But what of my message
And the dreams I once stared
In the eyes. Of my goal,
I seem so scared.

Slow-paced and controlled,
I cautiously wave; Unable to fold,
I cautiously chase.

I should be on top,
But my emotions glide
And I always confuse my passion
For my romantic side.

I worry, I sigh.

Because the two should be able to coincide
In my serene, yet wonderfully
Chaotic mind.


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