Posted by: SPT | May 1, 2012

Hustling (For Good)

I’d like to go on record and start by saying that hustling and all the terms synonymous with it are associated with negative connotations. Under better lighting, hustling can be seen as a means for obtaining an improved quality of life. The means by which one hustles, however, are only associated with immoral qualities.

This needs to be changed & I plan changing it.

In an upcoming series, I will examine our society and the popular interpretations it holds regarding hustling. By using the traditional viewpoints on hustling as a contrast, I aim to redesign the modern hustler into “the” new and improved gentleman. I seek to transform this negative energy around the term “hustling” to remind everyone how to see a cup half full, and in the process, I will strive to right some of the wrongs that our society has engrained into our minds.


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