Posted by: SPT | May 1, 2012

Number Motherflippin’ One

(This is an attempt to explain why and where I think our society is failing)

We think individualistic only.

Society and everything that it consists of trains us to become soldiers of personal warfare, rather than a fighter for a greater cause of good. We as humans have become so fenced in with our “my property” viewpoints, that we’ve allowed for it to change the way we advance as a whole. That says a lot in itself, and we should be aware of what that message is. We are working towards an environment where each individual is motivated to empower only him or herself rather than think of the greater good for the collective group. By training to fend for ourselves, we’re limiting our ability to work together and thus reap the benefits of collaborative work. It’s not a matter of achieving more work, it’s the matter of wasting precious resources toward a cause that is misguided and destructive.

The biggest question humanity faces is “What is our purpose?”.

Although such a question has no specific answer, it has many responses which humanity can agree is acceptable for the time being. Until we answer the larger question of “what created, and for what did He create us” we must focus on the needs [and wants] of our population. If we are to continue to exist, then our focus must turn to the conditions of our existence, and the equality of conditions for our population.


Because one of the responses which humanity agrees upon is that whatever created this environment, this massive universe which we cannot even explore beyond our galaxy, also created all of us. So we are responsible for honoring that lesson, especially as we obtain food&resources from this environment to continue our sustainability. We exist together, so it’s high-time we remind ourselves of our connection to each other.


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