Posted by: SPT | July 17, 2014

An Area of Rest

I just told myself, “In this experience of life, some are just beginning to awaken.” I say this as I am sitting on the grass in a NorCal rest area off Highway 99.

A soft, reassuring breeze reminds me I’m never alone.

Rather than ask if you have any questions, or seek to win your confidence over with credentials, I make a strong assumption that we are created so similarly that, despite our differences, we must have been created by the same entity.

Once I have that piece of understanding down, I lose track of myself as my mind loses footing and my body begins to float. I’m in this environment where everything is visually independent but spiritually connected, and I draw conclusions about my purpose and the purpose of my fellow beings. This “sandbox” in which we spend our daily lives is merely a small percentage of what is out there. But its significance in our day to day living is substantial.

I am, as well are others, defining our purpose. Each attempt is a reminder that I must accept how little I know and promote my willingness to learn more.

Instantly, I see things more clearly, but the whole vision fades into my rearview vision as I pull myself back to solid footing. I say to myself, “Don’t forget this experience. It’s too easy to forget, so keep on your guard.”

The way of thinking which I have adopted has been inspired by my past experiences in life. It is not mine nor I was the first to discover it, and I will not be the last to stumble across it. We each face this reality, “…we must!”, I tell myself. Because you and I are from the same creator.

Our pace, start time, and awareness are variables I cannot fully explain. I simply brush it off to the decisions we have been making day to day.

I ask myself, “Will this influence how I view certain role models or sages?” That’s an easy reply, I think to myself, so I verbally acknowledge, “Of course.”

But I always ask the wrong questions, I get distracted by what’s on the surface of things. The more revealing inquiry would address the capacity in which it will influence who I am and the person I want to become, and the factors which are involved in this separation.

There goes that breeze again, this time accompanied with a soft chirping in the background; what a relaxing rest area.


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