Posted by: SPT | July 17, 2014


Just food for thought:

Much human behavior is embedded into us and emerges as instinctual responses to environmental stimuli, this we know. Some even go far as tracing their ancestral lineage to determine what characteristics were common denominators to their genetic pool.

While this is often used to help explore who we are, it can also hint at why we feel at unease when we approach unfamiliar situations.

When considering the reality that many of our ancestors died at an age much lower than today’s average life expectancy, our lack of experience with old age becomes apparent.

I always think about time and how quickly it progresses and, almost as if to act out the scenes of my older years, I imagine my future self and wonder what turns life will have forced upon my path. Now I’m coming to the realization that there is much that society is still figuring out about getting older, I feel less in the dark. Or rather, acknowledging I have company causes me to realize I’m not the only one.

I can only imagine that my need for understanding as I grow older is only the tip of an iceberg… I have my lineage embedded into me, sure, but I must see that I am graduating into an age group to which my genetic makeup has yet to become accustomed. I am already experiencing a reality which is fairly new to my history, and thus I am a co-author to the future of this lineage.

This fear about the impact each of today’s steps have in bringing me closer to my future drives my anxiety through the roof. Accepting this feeling of unease, however, could be a defining moment. Seeing the relation between choices I consciously make and those based on instinct inspires hope and motivates me to act.

It especially inspires, because I know that my conquering this fear will embed the experience into my memory, setting a precedent that my actions were enough in itself. A lack of familiarity simply presents a new opportunity to go one step further. Perhaps that’s all that I need to know for now.


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